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The Facebook post below actually came in from David George yesterday. This morning David called me from the hospital in Santo Domingo with the plastic surgeon. Dimelia was crying. We all have some important decisions to make. The plastic surgeon gave Dimelia a shot for pain. She must have the shot every 15 days… Please pray for Dimelia. We are very thankful to David and Angie for flying down, along with RL and Vanessa who helped line all this up. The Lord has been giving favor for the best doctors. Thank you to Philemond and Joker for doing all the driving. We have our other Haitian son Carlos with them trying to find a school for heavy equipment. Carlos and George drive all of our heavy equipment now at Love A Child.

Thank you for your prayers.

Sherry and I are down in South Florida for all of Sherry’s doctor appointments.

We love you,
Bobby Burnette

P.S. From David George’s Facebook page: “We met today with Dr. Jose Lopez, who is also the Director of the hospital here in La Romana. He was so nice. He made one phone call to his plastic surgeon friend in Santo Domingo. It takes a long time to get an appointment with him. But FAVOR!!! We told Bobby and Sherry and they are happy about what took place today!!! We are taking Dimelia in the morning for a 9:45 appointment with him. Dr. Lopez already sent Dimelia’s pictures to him. Please keep praying for FAVOR as she is checked tomorrow!!! I will post the results as soon as we find out!!! Thank you for praying for all of us here. We love you all!!!!”

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