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Haiti update:

Sherry and I are back in Florida now from Haiti. We have some important doctors appointments which we have canceled three times, not wanting to leave Haiti and our Haitian children. This picture was taken yesterday at our Love A Child office and warehouse in Fort Myers, FL. Anthony, seen in the pictureis the warehouse supervisor. He will be packing another container of lifesaving supplies next week for Haiti. We hopefully have plans to return to Haiti after our last doctors appointment. The Haiti airport is closed, but we are working on getting permission to land in a small plane. The U.S. Embassy worked with Spirit Airlines to fly in to take Americans out. This is how we got out.

Yesterday, the president of Haiti extended the state of emergency for two more months. Sherry and I are very concerned because in the last two daysCOVID-19 has been spreading like a monster. The health department (MSPP) came out to test some of our medical staff who are sick. So many people are coughing and have a fever. In the mountain right by us, so many have a fever. Please pray for the Haitian people.

Food is a severe crisis in Haiti. Haiti is in a panic. Thank you for your prayers and support. We love you. Bobby and Sherry  

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