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Due to Sherry’s dental emergency, Sherry and I could not fly into the Dominican Republic as planned. We had wanted to be with Dieuferly at his doctor’s appointment today and to take little Jackson to the doctor/hospital appointment he has tomorrow concerning a possible future kidney transplant.

Jesse Ostrander is flying in today, taking our place to be with Dieuferly and Jackson. Hopefully, Dieuferely will be returning home to Haiti in the next two or three days. Philimond, our assistant, left this morning to drive Jackson over to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Thank you, RL, Jesse Ostrander, Philimond, and Dr. Barthelemy, for all your help.

Jackson really needs a miracle. We must supply blood for him often, and now his doctor wants to start doing kidney dialysis. Each dialysis will cost $4,000. Little Jackson is meeting with a kidney specialist tomorrow, and he really needs your prayers. Even though he has been on a “very strict diet,” he is always swollen and sick all the time. Each time he needs blood, we have to take “four Haitians downtown to the Blood Bank,” in very dangerous areas, to give blood; then the Blood Bank gives the blood for Jackson’s transfusions. This has become very difficult and also dangerous, going into this area. We will keep you posted on what the Dominican doctor says.

Sherry and I will be returning to Haiti this week.

Next week we will be opening and moving all the medical staff into their new medical dorm next to the Jesus Healing Center! PTL! Mission accomplished!

Thank you for all your prayers and help…

Love is something you do…
Bobby and Sherry Burnette

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