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Latest Updates – Please Pray

We are here today in the Dominican Republic (DR) checking into expanding here. Today we are here looking into setting up a feeding/sustainability program for the Haitian people. Thousands of Haitians have fled here to the DR from Haiti.

Today, we will pick up Bryon Ray at the Punta Cana airport. It was too dangerous for him to fly into the Port Au Prince Airport.

He will drive back with us tomorrow to Haiti to help us.

Tomorrow we return to Haiti. Sherry and I are up every morning at 3:30 AM to start our day. Our hearts were so sad and broken this morning over the 17 kidnapped missionaries still held hostage.

Please pray for them, their families, and their organization, Christian Aid Ministries. These precious missionaries are Mennonites.

We heard this morning before daylight, about big guys shooting in different areas of Haiti. I think today through Wednesday in Haiti the nightmare will grow. No fuel anywhere. Gangs are in control… This week we will be completely out of diesel to run our generators. In the future, we must have 100% solar.

The whole country is in lockdown. Still can’t get our container from the port to Love A Child. Thank the Lord I saved back 55 gallons of diesel so our semi and container could make it to Love A Child. Now the boat to take our tents, tarps, and earthquake supplies has no diesel to make it to Jeremie.

I know everyone has been e-mailing, calling us to leave Haiti and take a break because of the danger. We know your advice is wise.

Soon, we will for about three weeks. It’s so hard… we have 85 children whom many we’ve had since they were babies. We are their Mom and Dad. We have 245 full-time workers just on our LAC property. The Birthing Center and Malnutrition Center is open 24 hours per day, never closes.

We have a big responsibility to a lot of people.

Praying we can get to Jeremie with the tents before we take our break. These poor people need somewhere to live – out of the rain.

Thank you to everyone who helps us financially to make all of this possible.

If we’ve ever needed your help financially, we need it now…

We love you.
Bobby and Sherry

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