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Life or Death in Haiti…

Little Kenzy has “sickle cell anemia.” He has been “sickly and frail” since we have had him…no energy, and many trips to the doctor. Yesterday, he was sick again, so we took him to our clinic, and Dr. Barthelemy gave him an IV. But he was not getting better, only worse; they sent him to Ebenezer Hospital.

After a short time, the doctor there said he needed a blood transfusion.

Blood Transfusions in Haiti”

In the states, this is an easy thing to do, but not in Haiti; hospitals must get their blood from the “Blood Bank” in downtown Port au Prince, which is in a very dangerous area! A relative or friend must go and “donate blood” before they release blood. You might be lying on a bed in the surgical room, waiting for an operation but, until a relative gives blood, they won’t come!

Jonas and Jean Edwouard (two of our Love A Child kids), and Ducanis, who works at the Children’s Home volunteered to go. They left in the afternoon in our ambulance, due to gangs and the fact that there is a lot of traffic in some areas.

I just got the report that they came back at 5:30 am (after a very, very dangerous trip to the Blood Bank) without blood. They were “out of blood.” They left this morning, again. Living in Haiti is not easy. There are many gangs on the road, and the fact of needing “blood” in an emergency could mean life or death. We are asking everyone to pray for sweet little Kenzy.

God bless you,



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