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Little Jonas, A Gift From God!

Little Jonas is “about ten.” We say that because when we rescued him from being a slave child, he didn’t know his birthday. We found him as a “restavek slave child,” working in a garden in the mountains. He was under the harsh care of a lady (perhaps a relative). More than likely, his parents had died. He was beaten often and fed very little food.

When we brought him in, he had never used a shower, never had a full meal, and never slept in a bed! He is ten and in the 1st grade! It took a long time “before he could hold a pencil in his hands!” He has clean clothes, three meals a day, and a huge household of “brothers and sisters!” His job is to water our garden, pick up trash, and take care of the turkeys and other animals. He is so sweet, kind, and respectful! Jonas is a “gift from God!”


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