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Living in Haiti Without Electricity

Sherry and I moved to Haiti on July 1st, 1991… In September of that year, a coup happened to overthrow President Aristide. For almost three years, Sherry and I lived by candlelight because we could never afford an inverter and batteries to produce light at night.

Now here we are in November 2022, having to buy “very large amounts of diesel fuel” on the “black market” to run all the operations at Love A Child to bless and help the Haitian people. In Port-Au-Prince, the capital, and some other areas, fuel finally got to the gas stations after two months of “zero fuel.” Yet in our area of Fond Parisien, we still have no fuel because the gangs on the road are much too dangerous to bring a tanker of diesel fuel. Truthfully, it’s been discouraging.

We have been buying expensive “black market diesel” out near the Dominican Republic border. If we didn’t, we would be in the dark. So many times in the past, Haiti had no fuel or had fuel shortages. Sometimes the government doesn’t have the money to pay the big tanker ships which bring the dirty diesel from other countries. They won’t unload unless they are paid first.

Our large generators burn several thousand gallons of diesel per month.

I’m writing you this today to pray. We really need total solar for our entire Love A Child campus. Without it, someday, we’ll probably be in darkness again. Without finding fuel by the border to run our big generators, we will be in the dark sooner than we think. This is an emergency for your prayers. Solar is very expensive, and it is an urgent need.

Please be in prayer. If you can help financially, Sherry and I would be so thankful.

I believe a miracle is on the way!

I know the Lord will bless you and your family…

Bobby and Sherry Burnette
Founders Love A Child

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