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Lomene’s Miracle: From a Slave to a Professional Cook

We first discovered Lomene when she was very, very young, under ten. She was in a village washing clothes by hand and cooking for a large family. We realized she was a restavek. (The word “restavek” means “to stay with.”) This is a child who would go to live with a family after their parents die. They would never go to school and never have the same amount of food as the children in that home. Many are forced to have sex with the man of the family.

We brought Lomene to our orphanage. She was shy but so sweet. After she finished Philo (13th year of school in Haiti), she wanted to go to college to become a professional cook!

She can cook fancy dishes and is learning to make “Wedding Cakes!” She is in her second year!

We have 85 children and 24 in college. The load is very heavy.

Please pray about helping with our College Fund. These wonderful children are the future of Haiti.


To donate, visit our website at or call 239-210-6107.

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