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Lots of “bobo’s” for Much Needed Food

“Bwa Lot Bo.” It means, “wood over there!” Well, maybe many years ago there was “wood over there,” but today, the entire area is no more than weeds, and huge prickly bushes. These people also, are “in the middle of nowhere!” There was a small, narrow, bad road, half washed out, that we took but our box truck had to take another route because it couldn’t make it on “that road.”

When we cook food for the children in any village, they dig out their “Sunday-Go-Meeting” clothes that they bought on the street. They call these used clothes “Peppi.” Everyone looked so cute! It was precious to see the little ones eating a big bowl of food and many sharing it with their brother or sister. This particular food came from Feed My Starving Children and is very nutritious.

However, when we have problems with containers stuck in Haitian Customs (as we had in the past few weeks) we decided to buy some food in the Dominican Republic and later, we bought some large bags of rice from a “rice dealer here in Haiti.” So, we distributed these large bags of rice to the mothers of these children to help sustain them. They were so grateful… each one came by and gave us a “kiss!!!” We call a kiss “bobo” in Creole… and believe me, Bobby got more “bobo’s” than he knew what do with!!!! Ha! More pictures tomorrow!!!

Love to all of our wonderful partners who made this happen!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you could have been there with us. God bless you, Bobby and Sherry

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