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Love is in the Air!

Franceau and his siblings were the second set of four children that we took in when we first started our old Orphanage. The mother of Franceau and his siblings had died, leaving a father who could not care for four children. Franceau always had a gift as an electrician, but his first love is Church work. He is in a Bible College now and has about two more years to go.

Franceau and his three “brothers” from the Orphanage, Jean Gardy, Dieuferly, and Carlos, all started a small restaurant on our Love A Child property, not far from our Birthing Center. But “Love is in the Air” now! He and Florentine Rosemonde, his bride, will be married on February 5th. His sisters from the Orphanage will all be part of the ceremony!!! (Believe me, they will take a long time to get ready!!!) We are so proud of Franceau. He is a devout Christian and would rather be in Church than eat! (Well, most of the time!)

I think the score is four down, and about 81 more to go! Ha! I’m working hard to get those “sisters” of his married off after they finish college! You can look at Franceau’s face in this picture and know that “Love is in the Air!


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