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Madamn Chedeline’s Baby

All Haitian couples want to have a baby if they can. This is especially important to both husband and wife. If a Haitian does not have children, it is a void that cannot be filled.

Today, Madamn Chedeline gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Madamn Chedeline and her husband had a little store, but the gangs broke into their neighborhood. Now, his store business is gone. He cannot work as a block layer due to gangs. He feels “worthless.” The children constantly hear the sounds of guns all night long.

This is a sad situation for many Haitians… “They WANT to work,” but due to the gangs, they cannot. This makes it hard to feed their families.

We were blessed to provide Madamn Chedeline a beautiful, quiet, safe place to have her baby at no charge… and we were happy to give her baby clothes, blankets, diapers, etc. for her new baby.

She was surrounded by nurses and midwives who had the peace of God, and they shared their love with this mother. Even though there are gangs in her neighborhood, she is left with peace in her heart, knowing that God is still with her and her family.


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