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Medical College is on the Horizon!

Dumolia (Dimelia), as many other Haitian children at Love A Child, has brought such great joy into our lives! Each child has such great potential! Dumolia was badly burned when she was about three years old. She could not raise her arms above her head or turn her neck. We sent her to the Shriners Hospital in Boston, and we had to find a person to take care of her. She went back and forth for many years, and many years of pain and skin grafts.

She really is a devout Christian and very intelligent. She is applying to a medical college in Jamaica. She cannot go to college in Haiti because she spent ten years back and forth to America speaking English in school. In Haiti, she would need to be fluent in French, so this left her with a bit of a problem. We found out that she could attend a special, and very difficult medical college in Jamaica, where they speak English. To get to Jamaica, she first needed a Visa to the Dominican Republic. This took several months, but now she has it! Now, she must apply for a Visa to Jamaica. We are hoping and praying that she can go. She would be attending the best college and the best church in Jamaica! We love her and are so proud of her!


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