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Meet Our LAC Construction Team

These are our Haitian construction workers. They have come a “long way!” They can do practically anything… carpentry, mason work, block laying, electrical, anything! Jean Eddy is the head of the team and they all work under Mark Ostrander, who is our construction “boss!” He has trained them well!
Most of our construction workers live in Miracle Village and have been with us since the earthquake. But these are just “some” of the workers here at Love A Child. We have a Clinic, a Birthing Center, a Radio Station, Agricultural Training Center, a School, and of course, the “Children’s Home.”
Altogether, there are about 150 workers on our Love A Child property, not including the 350 Love A Child school teachers (18 LAC Schools), and other workers. When you hire “one Haitian” you are feeding, on the average, ten people.” That’s how important a job is in Haiti. No one wants to lose their job, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it.
Food is vital, but sustainability and jobs bring food for a lifetime! Thank you, partners! Bobby and Sherry
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