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Mikalange… Not the Quiet Twin

Mikalange and Mika are twins. We have “three sets of twins” at Love A Child! Wow! Usually, twins are as different as day and night! These two are no different! The twins’ mother died soon after delivering them. They were born in the remote mountains of Covant, Haiti. (The area is called Bel Fontaine.) There was no clinic or hospital there, and their mother needed a C-Section. There was only a local midwife who did the best she could. Their father brought the twins to us to raise. Both girls love school, their church, and their home!

You can look at Mikalange and figure out already that her sister is the quiet one! Mikalange loves music, and of course, the instrument that makes the most noise – the drums! She is smart, hardworking, and mischievous! She loves to cook!! She is in the 9th grade and wants to learn computers! She is really a funny kid and a “mean soccer player!!” And she loves to aggravate her sister! Whatever Mikalange puts her mind to, she can do it! We all love her so much.


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