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Miracle Moses!

It was 14 years ago that a man in a poor village was walking by an “outhouse,” when he heard the faint cry of a baby! He opened the door to the outhouse and looked down inside all of the “filth.” There was a baby, down there whimpering, in all that excrement! Who would do such a thing? The old man got some help to break up the boards, and tied a rope around his waist! He “went down inside the outhouse” with a bucket and brought up a baby boy!

The village ladies cleaned him up and sent him to the children’s hospital. He was there for a week. They called us and asked us to take him. He was as “skinny as a little mouse,” and we never thought he would live. We named him “Moses” because he was a survivor!!!

Today, Moses is a fine-looking young man and in good health. He is 15 years old and in 7th grade. He used to “want to be President of Haiti,” but due to all the political problems here, he has decided it would be better to “be a doctor!” Smart thinking, Moses!!

We love Moses, even if he is “a handful!!” Sherry

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