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More on the Riverbed Project

This huge dry riverbed comes down from the mountains. If we have a lot of rain, it floods and some people die. Everyone has been very nervous because if a bad hurricane comes, the dry river would become a river moving fast and furious! It would take houses along the river and many houses in our community here in Fond Parisien, where Sherry and I live in our Orphan’s Home. The committee president/group of the area came to us and asked for help because no one had the money for the project. We raised the money and put up the first portion.

We’ve asked Dr. Higgins, who runs a great local hospital, and he put up the next $91,000. It will take two more portions after this money is gone… By faith, we will see this project to the end. The president of the group, the engineer, and all the men have done one great job!!!! They have done beyond what I thought they would do. Plus, they have put many, many local people to work. Jobs! They are in the process now of building big Gabion walls to control the water. Note: See the dump truck gathering rocks for the Gabion wire cages.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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