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Moses Part Two: “The Rock in the Sun…”

You can certainly see the difference in Moses in just four weeks. He has lost weight but very happy to be home. I had sent him with Pastor Souffrance to the mountains of Peyi Pouri. I told Pastor Souffrance he needed a “come to Jesus” experience.

He had been gone a month and Pastor Souffrance kept me informed about him. Pastor let him sleep on a mat on the ground. He put Moses to work in the garden with a heavy hoe called a “wou.” Moses carried buckets of water on his head from the river and did all kinds of work the mountain boys do. He had a 30-day life lesson! He even learned how to make a kay-pay, or mud hut!

When he came home yesterday, he was a happy and a very different young man. He was dressed clean and nice but he was different. He worked hard each day and learned more about the people in the mountains. He was humble and kind… and thankful.

I do not see any more problems with him at all. We talked about the Lord, and his education, etc. I’m glad my “Moses” is back again. Let’s see what the Lord will do with “this young man.” Now, he understands clearly about the “rock in the sun.” Sometimes, it takes “tough love!” We are all glad to have our Moses back.


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