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Never Tell The Lord You “Don’t Want To Do It!” 

I’ve preached in several countries before and after Haiti. Sherry and I started traveling to Haiti back and forth when we were very young. We traveled together to Haiti around 400 times to preach and for building projects.

After a whileI got burned out and discouraged. I found out that the Haitian pastor who we were helping build a nice orphanage and school for “was a fraud.” I found out just before we were to come and visit with him for a week, that he would “rent children and put them in the orphanage,” saying we were raising these children. We gave monthly support, and so much more. He was stealing the money. At that time, I thought, “everyone was a saint.” I found out, “a saint, they ain’t!”

I was crushed and discouraged for five years. I stopped traveling to Haiti. Sherry kept traveling and helping so many other Haitian pastors and especially the children. I told the Lord that I would never travel back to Haiti. 

After five years, Sherry finally talked to me to join her on a missions team trip she was having to Haiti. I went on that trip. After traveling many hours in the back of a hot truck, in the sun, bouncing up and down, we arrived in Greve, where Sherry and our partners had built a nice school for the children.

I jumped out of the back of the truck, so hot and sat down under a coconut tree. The Lord spoke to me under the coconut tree and said, “Bobby, I want you and Sherry to move to Haiti in 45 days.” The Lord changed my whole mind and “brain-washed me” under the coconut tree!

told Sherry, and she went into shock! Well, we moved to Haiti by only a miracle on July 1, 1991. The rest is history!

Never tell the Lord, you don’t want to do it!” You may end up doing just what the Lord wants you to do.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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