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The Dominicans have closed all the borders from Haiti into the Dominican Republic over a conflict which, actually, this time, it’s the Dominicans’ fault, in my opinion. The Haitians are telling the Dominicans, “We are not stopping from taking our water rights.” The Haitians are saying, “We know pain, suffering, hunger, and misery.”

Closing of the borders is devastating for the Haitians. This will affect the commerce on the Haitian side and the Dominican side.

We are concerned for Jackson and other Love A Child kids being able to travel to the Dominican Republic for dialysis and medical treatment. Jackson’s next appointment is in two weeks. Please pray!

Love A Child is about 10 or 15 miles from the border. The gangs are in the opposite direction down the road, about 10 or 15 miles, trying every day to break through Ganthier and take over Fond Parisien and the border.

“We are in the middle like a sandwich!” If we ever needed your prayers, we need them now.

All the orphans are doing good. All of our LAC projects are open and going forward “full steam ahead!”

Our “Feed My Starving Children” (FMSC) food was to arrive on Sept. 18th in Santo Domingo with an “international pass through” to Haiti. Now, the border is closed. Sherry and I, our hearts are broken. Haitians need food desperately, starving to death, no exaggeration. We have plans on bringing in many, many 40-foot containers (272,000 meals in each container) to make up for the lost time we faced from customs in Haiti and the gangs. Thank you, Feed My Starving Children and our partners!

The meals are life-saving… The Haitians are praying desperately for the FMSC meals to come. This is an emergency!

Bobby and Sherry Burnette
Love A Child, Founders

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