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New Home for the Tisson Family!: 4-13-19 10:30 AM

More than a year ago, while doing a food distribution, we met the “Tisson Family” in the garbage dump of Truttier. Mr. Tisson was trying to make a living by finding wire and small thrown away lights or bulbs in the garbage, to put “light” in some tent homes. When we were there, he had one “tiny, tiny light,” that hardly produced anything at all, but yet, he was so proud of it. We felt led of the Lord to build a house for him and his family. I gave him the money to buy a cell phone so that he could call me when the house was finished… he bought the phone, but then, sold it for food.

He had to move his family out of their ripped tent into another area of the garbage dump, and we lost track of him. Two days ago, the “president” of the garbage dump got a hold of us through some of our workers and told us that “Madamn Tisson was very sick and they feared she would die.”

We sent our workers with an ambulance to get her but decided to bring the whole family back, even though we didn’t have the house “prepared” for them. We worked so hard yesterday, putting beds together, cleaning and getting the house ready to move in.

We sent Madamn Tisson to our Jesus Healing Center and also had the children checked (we will get results on Monday.)

Meanwhile, we gathered up toys and clothes and brought the family to our depot, where our teams eat. They filled their bellies with spaghetti! Afterward, our older Love A Child girls gave the little children baths, and combed and braided their hair. Then, we took them to their “new home!” Imagine never sleeping on a mattress, or sitting at a table to eat!!! Imagine having to smell “rotten garbage” all day long!

We gave them boxes of food to cook, a recho to cook food with, pots and pans, and money to buy what they needed. Their house is right beside one of our pumps to pump water, and we will take good care of Madamn Tisson and give her husband a job. Only God could “lift up the poor out of the dunghill and set him among princes…” This is the greatest joy of our lives! Thank you, wonderful, wonderful partners!!! Bobby and Sherry


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