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New TV Program Airs Tonight!

The newest Love A Child television program, “Hope for a Future,” recounts how generous donors like you bring education, food, medical care, and the love of Jesus to poor children all over Haiti through the gift of child sponsorship. You will see the extreme destitution these children live with every day. You will see in their innocent eyes the hopelessness and knowledge that they will never have a better life, without the help of sponsors like you. You will witness how your generous child sponsorship donations can change the lives of these children and the future of their entire families and generations to come by providing everyday needs that you and I take for granted. Please join us tonight and watch our brand-new program on Daystar Television Network at 6:30 p.m. (ET). If you miss tonight’s airing, you can still view it throughout the following week on DirecTV, DISH Network, CTN, The Word Network, NRB, and many more. We know we have a lot of friends and partners watching from around the world, so please make sure to check out our full schedule for the best way you can tune in. You can also watch online through our Vimeo or YouTube channels. Rachael Abrams – Director of Broadcast Communication

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