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New TV Program Begins Tonight

Our newest Love A Child television program, “Two Mites,” begins airing this evening on Daystar Television Network at 5:00 p.m. (ET) and will continue throughout the week. Join Bobby and Sherry Burnette as they distribute food to the starving children in Haiti. In tonight’s episode, you will travel far into the mountains and experience a day in the life of poor Mr. Oske and his children. Since his wife died, Mr. Oske has been struggling to feed and care for his children. Four of them are now “slave children” working for other families in order to eat one meal a day. This is the common and sad reality of Haiti. You do not want to miss this story! Thanks to our partners, wonderful things are in store for Mr. Oske and his family. Join us tonight and continue to follow this heart touching story. You can watch us on DirecTV, CTN, The Word Network, and many more. We know we have a lot of friends and partners watching from around the world, so please make sure to check out our full schedule for the best way you can tune in. You can also watch online through our Vimeo or YouTube channels. Rachael Abrams – TV Department

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