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Noah’s Got Muscles!

Wow! Just look at this little guy! Noah has got muscles!!! I hope this makes a lot of you guys “jealous!” Ha. Well, if you had seen little Noah when we first found him, abandoned in front of our Love A Child gate, you would have never thought this little guy would live!

Kaeli, one of our missionaries, was here at that time. He had been abandoned in some bushes in front of our gate. He had severe malnutrition, had been beaten, and had “bite marks” on him. He was not supposed to live!

But with time and patience, little Noah began to grow and began to accept love… and he began to trust people. He is now going to First Grade and he does well in school. But, look at this little guy! He is built like a wrestler! He has got muscles and confidence! He is happy to pick up those rocks, or garbage, or do any kind of work! Everyone loves Noah, and Noah loves everyone! I wish every one of you could come here and “try to pick him up!” He is as solid as a cement block!

We believe that God has a special plan for him!!! God bless you, partners, and thank you to every one for your prayers for Noah!


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