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Noah’s New Kicks!

Just look at little Noah… He just got a new pair of sandals and you would think “he just won the lottery!” He is big for his age, but he is sweet and gentle and is always “wanting a hug!”

If you could have known “Noah” before, you would never have thought he would live. He was found abandoned in front of our gate here at Love A Child. He had been beaten (notice marks on his stomach), his hair was missing, several of his teeth were gone, and he had “marks” all over his body.

He was “afraid of everyone!” But, love and good care have changed his little life!! We never found out who his parents were…but we don’t care. He is “ours now.” He has a “mother and father,” and lots and lots of brothers and sisters! And God has placed him in our lives “for such a time as this!” Thank you, wonderful partners. This is just “one of the many lives” you have saved! Yes! We all love “Noah!”


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