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Off to School for Zachary!

Unbelievable!! I cannot believe they put Zachary in school!!! He is only two!!! Well, in Haiti, they start early!! Zachary is the baby of the family. Seeing him in his little school uniform is a miracle because he wasn’t supposed to be alive. As the story has been told, Zachary’s mother was deep into Voodoo. Four of her children “died,” and she “lost one little girl,” and told her neighbors that she was going to kill her baby with a butcher’s knife until we rescued him.

Zachary is quiet, but he is “thinking all the time.” He loves big men! He loves hanging around the big guys and is often sitting in church with his arm around someone’s neck! Zachary is very quiet and doesn’t talk much, but he can let you know what he wants!

I was sure that he wouldn’t start school until he was three years old, but here he is! I’m sure he will be a good little student and will do well in school! We are so proud of all our Love A Child children!! They “reach for the stars!!” This is the next generation of Haiti! Thank you, Partners, for your love and help for all our children! Thank you for sending in clothing, and especially shoes, black shoes! We all love little Zachary! What a wonderful God we serve to bring this little fellow right to us!


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