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One of A Kind

My, oh my, do I love this girl!

This is Kristela from here at our Love A Child Children’s Home! Kristela is “one of a kind” in many ways! She is probably the most “hard-headed” out of all of our children here! But with a “hard head” comes a lot more things!

Kristela is full of extreme energy! She could run a marathon and not get tired! She wakes up early and is usually the last one to fall asleep. The energy never ends!

She has become such a big help around the Children’s Home and has become a great cook! She works with our cooks every day. If you are ever having a bad day, there is no doubt that Kristela could cheer you up and make you feel better! She is such a very sweet girl, and we love her so much!

Love, Kaeli

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