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“Our Georges…”

Georges has been driving since he was 12, but you can almost say, “He’s been driving since he was in diapers!” Ha! Georges can drive “anything that has wheels!” Although he had never had training at “driving semis,” Georges was a “natural!”

He was “given to us” during Hurricane Georges years ago. His mother just did not want another child and his father was abusive to his mother. After Hurricane Georges hit Haiti, we went to check on the baby’s mother. She had “just delivered” the baby and asked us to take him! We did! We called him “Georges,” after the Hurricane! A year later his sister “Stephanie” came along! We took her in also… their mother died soon after.

Georges is so obedient, kind, and sweet! He now has a sweet wife and a baby! He is also honest, obedient, and trustworthy! God has had His hand on Him since he was born! Everyone loves “Georges!”


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