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Our Jackson…

When we first met Jackson (Jasson) in the mountains of Savaan Pit, Haiti, it was during a Mobile Medical Clinic. Jackson’s uncle had brought him to us because “Jackson was sick!” He was not only sick… he was dying of severe Kwashiorkor Malnutrition. His stomach was so full of water that you could hardly lift him.

We brought him back to Love A Child and had him checked in our clinic. We sent him to several hospitals who tried “different things” but he really needed dialysis. There was only one dialysis machine and it was on the other side of Haiti, with gangs between us! But, a great miracle happened when one of our partners sponsored this pediatric dialysis machine for Jackson!

Jovanie, one of our older Love A Child girls, (who is a nurse and midwife) was trained on the machine to help Jackson nightly. He starts at 7:00 pm at night and goes off at 7:00 am. He then eats and goes to school. Believe it or not, he is almost 16, and he is in 9th grade. Even though he has missed much school, he is an “A” student.

Jackson’s dream is to be a doctor! He wants God to use him to help others!!! Jackson cannot play soccer, but he plays a mean game of dominoes! In spite of everything, Jackson knows God has given him a “second chance” at life!


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