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Our Jesus Healing Center and Malnutrition Clinic

These two wonderful outreaches the Lord has blessed us with, work together. All children, regardless of the possibility they may be malnourished, must be seen by our doctor at our Jesus Healing Center. From there, they determine if a child needs to be kept in our Malnutrition Clinic.

This is the story of little Malaika Polyssaint. She is 8 months old and lives with her mother. Her mother, Madamn Marie Rose Altius, had 10 children. Three of these children have died. Her husband, Mr. Lisne, left her with seven children to feed and take care of. She had no job… and Mr. Lisne, Malaika’s father, had given this baby “his blood to drink” so that he could know if this baby was really his daughter.

That’s how people in remote areas do a DNA test! After that, he never saw Malaika again. Madamn Polyssaint sleeps with her children anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, people close the door in front of Madamn Polyssaint. She tries to find work washing clothes at the river, but when she cannot find a job, she has to go and “work the land” for a full day.

Little Malaika has been suffering from malnutrition since birth. Finally, little Malaika’s mother brought her to our Clinic. The doctor said she had “acute malnutrition.” She was covered with scabies all over her body. With her malnutrition, she became dehydrated. When the doctor examined the baby, she had a head full of sores and only weighed 3.8 kg. She was 59 cm tall and very frail.

The doctor sent her to our Malnutrition Clinic. She received special milk formulas, special food, and when her mother came, she received a nice big box of food to take back to her other children. Malaika has been fed special milk formulas for many weeks and then, a special food formula for babies. After this, Malaika is doing well and will recover. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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