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Our Jesus Healing Center… Day and Night!

Our wonderful staff at our Jesus Healing Center have been working “day and night” for the needs of the people here in Haiti. Due to the crime and attacks on citizens, our staff finds themselves being “on call” to answer the need…

Here is a report from Nixon, who is overseeing the Jesus Healing Center Clinic, with Dr. Barthelemy, our head doctor… He explains how our Jesus Healing Center is “on-call,” 24/7!

“Our health center contains three (3) buildings, a large clinic (Jesus Healing Center (JHC)), a modern maternity center (Love A Child Birthing Center), and the Love A Child Malnutrition Center which is here to serve the poorest part of the population. We will try to tell you a little about them.

The JHC meets the care needs of the poorest people who can’t afford hospital bills. At this clinic we have a large waiting room, a pharmacy with all kinds of meds distributed free of charge to the patients following the prescription of our doctors, an emergency room for some urgent cases (example cases of gunshot wounds), a laboratory and a room where vaccines are given to newborns, and we have seven consultation rooms. Our ambulance is always available to transfer patients, but we rarely transfer because of the gangs occupying the roads connecting our zone and the city center of the country. For the last several months, the flow of patients who used to visit our clinic has been decreasing because of the gangs who control the road. Thus, many no longer have access to our care and suffer at home. We hope that the situation will change and that there will be free movement of people again.

Our Birthing Center unit operates 24/7 and includes a waiting room, four (4) delivery rooms, a pharmacy, a training room for future mothers, a laboratory and the specialists who work there, and a team of doctors and midwives with whom we have full confidence. After the construction of this maternity clinic, poor mothers were happy to have a place to give birth with dignity and this reduces many cases of infant mortality due to women giving birth at home and endangering the lives of their children. They travel dozens of kilometers… sometimes they come on donkeys, on foot, on motorcycles. It is a wonderful revolution for poor mothers and future children.

For malnourished children, we now have a center that treats their cases. Our Malnutrition Center works closely with the JHC clinic. We have found that due to food shortages and high prices, creating food insecurity, many children who attend our clinic suffer from malnutrition of all kinds (like Kwashiorkor and marasmus). This situation pushed us to build this center of malnutrition. We give the children who are hospitalized there the best care possible. They have nurses and a mother looking after them. They have access to nutritious food, F75 and F100 milk specially prepared also we give them “plumpy nut” to help them… After spending a few months here, the malnourished children have completely changed.

Thank you for giving us new equipment so that the clinic and our birthing center can function better. Thank you for the uniforms for all our employees. Words fail us to be able to thank our partners for their support. May God bless you abundantly and dispose of your hearts to help the needy… Nixon”

Thank you partners, and we especially thank Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for their monthly support and we thank our partners for all the times you have helped with special projects with your prayers and donations of items needed! Most of all, “all Glory to the Lord!”

Bobby and Sherry

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