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Our Joseph…

His real name is Babeto Lyma, but we have always called him Joseph. He and his sister Sarah were both brought to us with malnutrition. When their mother died, their father deserted them.

Joseph was very frail and nearly died from severe malnutrition. But, the Lord healed him and helped him. He is sweet, kind, quiet, and gentle… and loves to eat! When he was in high school, he would always volunteer to help in any way, or do anything. He began helping on our “painting team” because we are always doing “touch-ups” and repairs. There are many buildings on our land, so someone always has to be painting. In his spare time, he would also help the mechanics.

So, when school was over and he could choose something to make a career, he chose a mechanic school called, Canado Technique. When this is finished, he then wants to study for four more years at another diesel mechanic school. He “sometimes” comes home on the weekends, but this is rare because of the gangs in the streets!

We love Joseph and pray that he is always safe on the streets coming and going. He is in “good hands with the Lord!”


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