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Pastor Claude’s Orphanage Still Needs Your Help

We just came back from visiting Pastor Claude at his orphanage compound. We brought food for his children, and he was so thankful. As you may remember, Pastor Claude had become very ill recently and was hospitalized twice! We asked for your prayers.

He had been very sick, but, today, what a difference we saw! Bobby told him days ago to move to the visitor’s house in front of the orphanage and get some rest from the kids! Well, today, he had his praise music on and was dancing around, laughing, and having a great time!

What a miracle! Thank you for your prayers!! We are praying and trusting the Lord for a large church in the states to take over this orphanage and send a couple to run it. Their budget is $8,000 a month. We have been helping them all we can, but it has been a load on our shoulders.

Someone reading this may want to support this orphanage for six months for $8,000 a month. We will continue working on support from there. That would help lighten the load a lot until we can find solid help for him and his children.

If you feel the Lord is speaking to your heart to help, please call our office [239-210-6107] and speak to Rad and let him know how you can help!

Thank you again, and may the Lord richly.
Bless you!

Bobby and Sherry

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