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Plight of the Haitians

Thousands of poor Haitians are having their world “turned upside down.” The Haitians would say, “Out of the cooking pot, into the fire!” After the death of President Jovenel, parts of the country were taken over by gangs. Containers full of high-powered guns were given to street thugs, to become gang members. For a long time now, the gangs have been kidnapping, killing, and demanding ransom… high dollar figures that very few could pay. This meant that the “very poor,” mothers, could not get to markets to sell. Some banks closed, along with hundreds of businesses.

But now, the Haitians that have been living and working in the Dominican Republic are being expelled, due to a fight over a canal of water on the northern border area. There were 11 canals, but one has been dug on the Haitian side. Both countries have worked together for a long time, with no problem. The D.R. President has now told the Haitians that “the one canal” they are working on, belongs to the D.R. This has infuriated Haitians who have worked there for a long time.

Now, thousands of Haitians are forced to leave the D.R., carrying their few possessions on their heads… mattresses, baby cribs, small chairs, etc. They will have to start over back in Haiti, with gangs and poverty. We pray that there can be a good peaceful solution and that God will send help to Haiti.

Bobby and Sherry

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