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Precious Fabienne

Fabienne was born in Petionville. Her mother once worked for us, but we had to let her go. When we did, she left Fabienne with us. Her father had never been a “father” to her.

We have had her since she was about five. She graduated from high school with top grades. When we had lots of volunteer groups here, she always volunteered to help the dentists. This is when the “mantle” fell on her. She has been in Dental College for two years to become a dental hygienist, and she is so good at it. She has two more years to go.

Fabienne is sweet, quiet, and what can I say…precious. She is so good to the little children and has a lot of patience. Fabienne is very sensitive; she cries when one of the little ones cry, and she is happy when they are happy. She brings out the best in everyone, and she will make a great dental hygienist.

She “loves” her Poppie Bobby more than anything!! She has grown up to be a sweet, kind, wonderful young woman who still has the heart of a little girl.

Yes! We all love Fabienne!!! She is a gift from God!


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