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Preparing for Another Mobile Medical Clinic

It has been a rough year. We began preparing for a Mobile Medical Clinic a while back. Then, many times, we would have to give this medicine to our Jesus Healing Center, because there were so many gangs down in Port-au-Prince and our driver could not make it to the pharmacies.

Then we would have to postpone the Mobile Medical Clinic and give what medicines we had to the Jesus Healing Center (which has a huge number of patients, daily). This happened many times, but this our Jesus Healing Center had to have medicine, and so, we would have to wait until the roads were clear to buy more.

These three “sweeties” are our Mobile Medical Clinic workers. Madamn Rosemarie, Madamn Jesula, and Madamn Denise. They work so hard. They have to label all the medicines in Creole and make sure nothing is “expired.” They must make sure we have enough in stock for “refilling” all these shoe bags. (The shoe bags allow us to see the medicines instead of “digging through boxes or buckets” as we used to do.)

Right now, villages are begging us to come because they don’t have the money for a doctor or to buy medicine, and “many cannot travel because of the gangs blocking the roads.”

In our Mobile Medical Clinics, we always have a Pastor and team that prays for each person before they leave and we send them home with Gospel Tracks. We also have food cooked for them before they start their long journey home. Everything we do for the poor, we want to do it with “excellence!”

We ask your prayers as there are more gangs now blocking the roads again.

Thank you for praying for us.


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