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Rachael… She was so tiny and beautiful when she was a baby. We thought that “Rachael” fitted her better than Nazaline, so she is called by both names… (all Haitians have nicknames anyway!)

Rachael’s mother was very sick, weak, and frail… We were told that her mother died in childbirth, but we were never able to confirm that. Her father could not afford to buy milk, for they brought her to our Love A Child Orphanage.

Rachael has grown up so quickly. She is tiny, but she is now 13 and in 7th grade. She does “very well in school” and wants to be a nurse! Even though she is 13, she still loves dolls and jump rope!

Rachael will go far in her life!!! She is sweet, kind, and helpful, and she will make a great nurse!! Everyone loves her, and we thank our partners for all your love, care, and support for these children! They are “Haiti’s future!”


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