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Raising Thoroughbreds

When we first moved our orphanage full of children to our land in Fond Parisien, Haiti, one of the biggest projects was “building an orphanage.” We had a plan to build a large orphanage, two stories high, but then it would cost a lot of money. Someone told us, “build a poor-looking orphanage and people will support you.” But as we prayed about it and the lives of 85 children, the Lord spoke to Bobby the strangest words… “Build it beautiful! You are raising thoroughbreds!” We now have 24 children in college and each day the costs are great, but Haiti needs “Christian Professions,” to lead the way.

Lovely wants to study law, to “defend the poor.” Daniella wants to be an ophthalmologist because they treat eye diseases. Her twin brother, Daniel, has an eye disease that affected him so much that he failed several grades. Bianca wants to study psychology because so many people have mental health problems. These are just a few of the ones that are putting the Lord first in order to serve others. We are raising an orphanage full of children who love the Lord, who are not afraid of hard work, and who put others before themselves. Thank you, partners, for investing in souls.

Sherry and Bobby

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