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Raphael Already Looks Like A Doctor!

We first met Raphael, and his sisters Bianca and Ada, when their aunt brought them all the way from Cap-Haitien. We heard the story that their parents were killed when a Haitian boat, going to the States with illegals, overturned, and everyone drowned. The aunt said she could no longer care for them and asked us to take them, which we did.

(In Haiti, children are considered orphans when their mother dies, and most certainly, when both parents die.)

Raphael is 12 years old and in 7th grade. He is sweet, helpful, and respectful. He never says “no,” when asked to help. When he gets angry, he is sad and has tears in his eyes. He is very intelligent in school, loves music, and is learning to play bass guitar. He wants to be a doctor…I really think he already “looks like a doctor!!!” We love Raphael. He’s such a sweet young man!!! We hope he reaches his dream because there will be a place for him here at Love A Child!


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