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Reaching the Poor in the Dominican Republic

Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island, but are completely different!!! The Dominican Republic speaks Spanish, and Haiti speaks Creole. Haiti is much, much poorer than the Dominican Republic, but there are many poor Dominicans and Haitians that live there.

Many Haitian people have left Haiti to try to find work in the Dominican Republic. They work in the sugarcane fields doing “back-breaking work!” They work for the rich landowners, as sugarcane is very “profitable.” Most of the children of the “sugarcane workers” do not go to school.

Our Haitian friend, Emmanuel, and his sweet wife live and work in the Dominican Republic. His wife began a wonderful ministry in the “batays” (sugarcane camps) with the poor children and their families. They feed them, share songs, and preach the Word of God!! What a precious outreach!

Our friends, David and Angie George of “David George World Ministries,” do much of the same work. They have great outreaches among the poor. We are so humbled at the wonderful work that these two do. We are so happy to partner with them to reach these precious Haitian children and their families in the Dominican Republic! Sherry

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