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Report on Daniel’s Eye Exam

This is Daniel with his twin sister Daniella. They both came to our Children’s Home after their mother died during childbirth. She had given birth to triplets, but the third baby died with her.

Ever since Daniel was small, he has had horrible problems with his eyes, especially his left eye. Doctors in Haiti did not give him an exact report of his condition, they just kept sending him for “reading glasses.” We were even told that Daniel was blind in his left eye!

We took him to a specialist in the Dominican Republic. The specialist said that Daniel is not blind in that eye but needs special glasses. We are hoping and praying that this is what he needs. His lack of vision has caused him to fail several grades and brought tears to his sister, Daniella! We told her this morning that it looks like “he will just need special glasses!”

Thank you for your prayers. Keep on praying!!

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