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Rescuing Baby Zachary

This is baby Zachary on the lap of one of the Haitian moms at our Love A Child Children’s Home. He is about a little over three months old. As you may remember, his mother came to our clinic and even though the doctor treated her sickness, everyone knew there was “something wrong with her.” She was living in a predominately Voodoo area and was filthy. She had already had five children “who died.” Her little girl “disappeared.” When we called “Social Services,” they said, “Go and get the baby from her.” So, we sent her home and later decided to go and check up on her and the baby. Our nurses, who lived near her, went with a security guard and us. The people in the neighborhood came out and told our nurses, “Thank you for coming! She told us she was going to get a knife and kill the baby!” We brought the baby back with us and we will legally get his paperwork done to keep him. The children want to call him “Zachary Levi!” He is doing much better!!! Love and prayers, Sherry

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