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Sad News About Pastor Sorel

Sad news… Friday night, we received a call around midnight that Pastor Sorel died. The call came from one of the firefighters in Miracle Village, as Pastor Sorel was also on the firefighter team for Miracle Village.

He pastored the Love A Child church in the village of Old Letant. He had not been feeling well and died suddenly. I remember the first time we met “Pastor Sorel,” in that mud hut village. He was a Christian but not a pastor. We had come to conduct a Mobile Clinic in the “tonnel” of the local witch doctor because that had been the largest “mud hut” in which to have a clinic.

Pastor Sorel (who was not yet a pastor) had brought his little daughter, Valencia. She had malnutrition, red hair, and a bloated belly. He told us that she had been eating pieces of charcoal and even goat feces! We cared for her and began bringing food into the village. We saw his daughter yesterday, a young beautiful woman, all grown up!

He was one of the most humble people we have met. He has left a “hole” in our hearts, as well the hearts of the village of Old Letant. The angels have welcomed him home. “We miss you, Pastor Sorel.”

Bobby and Sherry

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