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Sarah’s Found Her Love

Sarah and her brother Joseph have been with us since the age of about 15 months old. Both had severe Kwashiorkor Malnutrition. Their family was extremely poor and lived up in one of the highest mountains in Haiti. That day, the Pastor of our church in that faraway mountain village brought us Sarah and her brother Joseph. They have been with us ever since.

Sarah had registered for a course in College that included Management, but she did not do well. She came home in tears. I said, “If you love what you do, (for a job), it isn’t really work, because you love it!” Sarah loves doing hair extensions and nails… and she is the best in her class at both!!! She is a hardworking young lady and will go far in the future. We are looking forward to “Sarah’s Beauty Salon” one day! God bless you.


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