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Saving Little Lives…

It is always a joyous day when a skinny, lethargic, and malnourished baby gets to leave our Malnutrition Clinic! In the last three years, since gangs have taken over, and especially the last two years, we have seen so many malnourished babies in our Jesus Healing Center. This is the first place they go because they need to be checked out by our physician first before they can be admitted to our Malnutrition Clinic…

Little Miyou, 11 months old, was brought here by her mother months ago. She is from a far-away village called Thoman, very, very far into the mountains. Her father was killed by the gang bandits.

This baby turned out to be another little miracle!

Thank you, partners, and thank you, Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope, for sponsoring this Malnutrition Clinic to be built, along with all the furnishings inside!! This labor of love “is bringing forth fruit!”

Thank you and everyone else for your help.

Bobby and Sherry

P.S. Special Needs: We are in need of boy and girl baby outfits [for the babies] to go home in… Sizes for ages one to three… especially for boys! Thank you! Sherry Burnette

Please send packages to our street address:

Love A Child, Inc.
12411 Commerce Lakes Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33913-8664

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