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Sending Love From the Girls to You!

We are so proud of our young teens and older girls here at Love A Child! They all study hard for their school tests, keep their rooms clean, and are very respectful to the workers and their teachers.

Their favorite hobby is “cooking!” You can be sure that they will all be in the kitchen when we have a holiday or special occasion! They even “drag their brothers in” to help! We have had nearly all these children since they were babies or were “very small.” They call us “Mom and Dad” or “Mommie and Poppie!”

If we had no other projects going on, just having the orphanage and raising these children to get them through college is a huge undertaking in itself! By the grace of God, we’re doing it!

All of these girls send their love to you!
Oh, did I mention that “they love to cook” because they love to eat!?


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