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On June 10th, the Papaya Gang kidnapped five Haitian Customs officials, where our 40-foot containers of FMSC meals come out… and because of this, Customs has closed. So far the five Customs officials are still in the hands of the kidnappers. I’m afraid they will not open until the five Customs officials are released.

I cannot tell you how many children and families are waiting desperately for their food. Our hearts are torn out… Please pray.

We are also critically low on diesel fuel. Mr. Nixon told Sherry and I this morning if we don’t receive fuel our Birthing Center, Clinic, and Children’s Home will all shut down because of no fuel. Big tankers of fuel from the fuel company bring fuel out to us and others in this area. Mr. Nixon told us this morning, that the Papaya Gang needs 50,000 Haitian dollars to let the fuel through ($2,500 American). We do not believe in paying the gangs… this makes matters worse.

I will send someone to deal with the Papaya Gang this morning. They bring their wives and girlfriends here, and we deliver their babies. When they are shot or injured they come to our clinic… We minister the love of God to them. Please pray for both of these urgent needs, and that God will give us wisdom.


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