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Sharing Food With Coram Deo: 4-14-19 2:30 PM

It thrills us to partner and share food with others. Our “plate is full” now because we share with over 90 other organizations and it takes us “four and a half 40-foot containers of food” to do this!

But just look at these mothers with babies! We share our food with Coram Deo, a wonderful organization run by our friend, Karen Bultje. She also houses and feeds the mothers with hydrocephalic babies, waiting for their operations.

We are better and do more when we work together! Thank you partners, and thank you, Feed My Starving Children! Bobby and Sherry

P.S. A note from Karen Bultje: “Thank you for the donation of 70 cases of Feed My Starving Children Manna Packs. These are some of the photos of parents who are part of the malnutrition program. With all the protests and gang violence, these families are having more difficulty feeding their families. Thank you for helping these families.”

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