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Sharing Proclaimer Bibles

This is Brezie, Patricia, and Abjas, who work for us but live in different areas. We gave them each a Proclaimer Bible in Creole to share with their families and neighbors. We have also given several of these to witch doctors, who would never go to church, but they would sit under the shade of a tree and listen to the Bible in Creole, for hours! This Proclaimer can be charged by the sun, hand-cranked, or even use electricity. It will never run out of power, and it is just the best thing in the world to help spread the Gospel! The ones we have were donated by Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope, but I am sure that any missionary reading this could go online and order them. I just want to say, “God bless whoever invested in this terrific idea!” There are so many people who cannot read or cannot see good enough to read or don’t want to go to church, but the Word can come to them! Incredible!!

We have a few more that we will be giving to “special people,” but thank you to those of you who have helped make this incredible, wonderful gift possible!!! Sherry

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