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She Was Made To Dance!

Ginyia… The Haitian spelling is Djinia. This cute little 9-year-old has a lot of talent. Either one or both of her parents were Dominican. Her mother died during a C-section, and her father abandoned her and left for the Dominican Republic. He never returned. She was being raised by her 17-year-old cousin, but when she could no longer take care of Ginyia, she was taken to the Department of Social Services. They brought her to our Love A Child Children’s Home, and she was immediately accepted by everyone!

Ginyia loves to do the “praise dances,” and she never misses a step! She is now in the fourth grade and “smart as a whip!” She loves to jump rope and play with dolls! She says that “she wants to be a nurse!” Well, we will have a job waiting for her! We love Ginyia and we know she has a great future ahead of her!! She has many talents, but “she was made to dance!”


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