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So Many Ways to Cook Chicken!

“Cooking Crazy!!!”

It has been quite an experience raising 85 Haitian children, and watching them grow up… some of the boys are in college and some are working for us full-time.

Girls are so different than boys, especially here in Haiti! They “love to cook!!” They are always asking us to buy a few new things so they can test their skills on the other children. Last week we bought 12 chickens from their “brother’s poultry business!” (Which is doing quite well!!) Their brothers are the “taste testers!”

It is fun seeing the girls cook basic things, and they know how to “exhibit” their food by arrangements. They say, “the food must not only taste good, but it must have a good smell and looks good on the plate!!” We will keep you updated on these new “creations” from our Love A Child children’s home, Sherry

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